San Antonio Has Bragging Rights That Dallas And Houston Do Not

The state of Texas doesn’t do anything small. The state is huge, the population is huge, and some of the major cities aren’t exactly small either. The Dallas/Ft. Worth area is one of the largest and fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country, home to a number of businesses and their headquarters. The city lays claim to fame through the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL, but they’re also proud of the Dallas Mavericks. Mark Cuban’s leadership and the Hall of Fame career of Dirk Nowitzki have lead this franchise to two NBA Finals, winning one championship.

The Houston area might not be as prestigious as Dallas in the eyes of many, but they also haven’t been there. Being closer to the sand and surf of the Gulf Coast is definitely a plus, and basketball fans rejoice because the local NBA team has had more success. In the first two years that Michael Jordan retired, one of the players drafted ahead of him, Hakeem Olajuwon, lead the Houston Rockets to a back-to-back championship run. The current Rockets have a perennial MVP favorite in James Harden, and now with Chris Paul joining up for one season, it’s possible this team is in title contention for a third ring.

San Antonio is smaller than both these cities, but is home to the famous Alamo, as well as the Riverwalk. It certainly has them beat in basketball though, as the Spurs have won five total NBA championships over the course of six trips to the Finals. Even with David Robinson long retired and Tim Duncan not long gone himself, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli are enjoying the autumns of their careers alongside young superstar Kawhi Leonard. Overshadowed by Golden State, this squad still stands over the rest of the West of the NBA.

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